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"Vox really shows her power and scope as a singer in this vibrant and uplifting set...It's only a matter of time before the mainstream music industry latches onto this vocal dynamo."
-Mick Skidmore, Relix Magazine (NYC)

"...a fresh sounding rock album...from a talented singer/songwriter."
-Bruno Van De Velde, Undertow Webzine (Belgium)

"An inspirational beauty, this little dynamo takes over the stage and rocks. The band is amazing and tight"
-Richard Siegel, On Line TV/Hotstuff-NYC

"...a hard driving rock and roll singer from Beantown...Her band was 'tight', their performance was great, and could she sing..."
-Woody Degan, Memphis Dateline

"Vykkiís music combines soul, funk, and rock into her own unique style and sound."
-Bill Harriman, Soundwaves Magazine (CT)

"Vox has mixed elements from rock, R&B, soul, swing, jazz, and funk to a sound that is completely her own...It can only be a matter of time before this lady gets a breakthrough."
-Rolf Stensletten, Rock Magazine (Norway)

"This young dynamo puts her radiant personality and fun into her music."
-Doug Collier, RAM (Chicago area entertainment guide)

"Song after song rings with a freshness and vitality that is unquestionably the Vykki Vox sound...grooves with intensity and an infectious danceability"
-Douglas Sloan, Metronome Magazine

"Vykki Vox has an incredible voice; strong, soulful and diverse."
-Chris Parizo, Good Citizen Magazine (VT)

"...combining sultry soul with powerhouse rock....Vox shows off her vocal skills throughout, but especially on the opening Little Feat-like, funk-rock title cut..."
-Mick Skidmore, Relix (NYC)

"Vox is one of Boston's newest vocal of the area's most talented female vocalists...Vykki Vox has arrived."
-Matt Bowman, Northeast Performer

"Vykki Vox is a red-headed bombshell of atomic soul ready to explode on the international music scene...Vox and her bandmates deliver a fresh, funkified potpourri of sound, showmanship andsongwriting craft."
-Pamela West, Renegade Newsletter

"...unbridled singing and outstanding showmanship...stunning musicianship, lots of dynamics, a varied approach to songwriting..."
-Bob Cianci, The River Reporter (NY)

"Vykki is a tiny package of pure power. Her band is funky and knows how to play with feeling. Together, the two make for one exciting combination."
-Allen Foster, Songwriters Monthly (PA)

"She can get soft and dreamy and can really turn it up and wail. There are good positive messages in the music...genuinely sung from the heart."
-Mike Luzzi, Music & Film

"Call it original, refreshing, stunning and exhilarating. But please donít call it Blues or Jazz...great excellent songwriter and vocalist who truly entertains her audience."
-Art Simas, The Blues Audience

"Vykki has a bright future."
-Rick Teverbaugh, Face The Music, Indiana Online

"Vox has a versatility that sits well against any musical backdrop...Vox has a lot to offer, and if youíre listening for entertainment, youíre sure to be pleased."
-B. Cormier & G. Reitz, Musician's Trade Journal

"The music can be compared to [Vonda] Shepard's [Ally McBeal singer], however, Vykki is a much more energetic and dynamic vocalist."
-Denis Sheehan, Askew Reviews

"Ms. Vox has a good set of pipes and the songs are thoughtfully written and played with tasteful understatement...this Boston-area band has what it takes."
-Meathook Williams, V-MAG

"Vox Populi: she mixes sensibility with soul for an intoxicating sound."
-Marc Edmonds, The Worcester Phoenix

"...steamy...strong, confident vocals..."
-Dean Johnson, The Boston Herald

"...a standout for its enthusiasm, variety and invention..."
-Paul Robicheau, The Boston Globe

" stopping voice, and her delivery is sincere and from the gut..."
-Michelle Maniscalco, The Noise

"A voice to be reckoned with."
-Josh Neimand, The Wareham Currier

"...Vox has the Oedipal appeal to reduce men to wide-eyed boys...On the other hand, 'I'm on Your Side' a slick retro-soul rocker...It suggests that Vox has the songwriting and singing ability to make the grade."
-Marc Levy, The Boston Phoenix

"...Her [Vox's] approach to every tune is unique... Vox deals more in sizzling soul, gritty rhythm and blues, and high-spirited rock. Her quintet crafts arrangements with ineffably swinging grooves...enhanced by gorgeous vocal slides..."
-Jay Miller, The Patriot Ledger

"...funky and flamenco, sultry and steamy, even Latin and laid back; not to mention just boogying down until the final track rocks loudly off into the sunset."
-Chuck Ginsberg, Spotlight

"Vox stirs a vocal sauce that flies from a sexy purr to a testifyin' growl in seconds... "Prowl" has my vote as one of the top original songs of 1996"
-Art Tipaldi, Boston Blues Society

"Vykki Vox is a vocal powerhouse who delivers hard-edged R&B with a range that soars at least eight miles high."
-Barbara Benham, Blues Wire

"...a strong vocal performance..."
-Christopher Marz, Mixx Magazine

"There is no denying it, Vykki is a tiny dynamo! She is an entertainer in every sense of the word...She can really belt out a tune!"
-Diana Shonk, The Blues Audience

"Entertaining and charismatic...a real natural."
-R.J. Norton, Producer Blues on Fire

"Vox unites a crowd with her hot and sassy vocals and steady rolling repertoire."
-T.J. Wheeler, The Blues Bank Collective

"Vykki is extremely adept at torchy soul numbers, but also had no trouble weaving an erotic spell..."
-Steve Morse, The Boston Globe

"Vox has a real feel for her lyrics...her voice is a POWerful delivery system..."
-John Brady, Guest-Host, WGBH Music America;
Former Staff Writer, Warner Brothers Records

"...Vox delivers a full-throttle vocal showpiece...The singer's charm and the band's chemistry are evident....Vox and her Soul Searchers stake out their own funky territory..."
-Brett Milano, The Boston Phoenix | contact | All content copyright© Webrock Records 1999-2007 , all rights reserved